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Tipsy update on Christmas Eve

online demonposted 3191 Days Agoviews 1834 Viewscomments 4 Comments
Seems I got everything I wished for this year, and more! That could be because my Christmas wishes was extremely modest of course... biggrin.gif It's hard to think of wishes and it gets harder the older I get.

This Xmas Eve is really a good one, and with some good tasting liquor in the glass as well.

Also good to make a new blog post, have not posted in a too long time.

Merry Christmas! biggrin.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3191 Days Ago
online demonactivity 3191 Days Ago
Ah someone is jealous they're 6 hours behind as always...

What are your wish TF, a Matchbox firetruck? You must have worn out the one from last christmas. tongue.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3190 Days Ago
No, no, that's still safely lodged in my anus.
online demonactivity 3190 Days Ago
Call your insurance company, they help with things like that.

Over to something else, something unfair: After only a couple glasses of red wine my head hurts!

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