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When the light went out

online demonposted 3345 Days Agoviews 767 Viewscomments 6 Comments
Why is the EU making all kinds of shit laws?
Norway is not member of the EU, why is Norway adopting EU laws?

There is a long list of stupid laws that origins from the EU. But this rant is about the light bulb.

About a half year ago, production of traditional light bulbs was banned by the EU. In Norway too, of course.

The reason is that the new energy saving bulbs are so much more energy efficient. But my complaint is, they are not more energy efficient except for the two warmest months of the year. The old fashioned light bulb uses much energy and most of this energy is converted to heat. Heat that we need. Only in July and August do we not need to heat our homes.

Now we have to buy expensive energy saving bulbs that saves energy. The only problem is that the heat that used to come from lights must now come from somewhere else. Like electric heaters, oil or fuelwood. Most people in cities use electricity for heating.

I think the geniuses that banned the light bulb are the same that banned natural cucumbers. Yes, the EU banned cucumbers that are not straight. Now they are straight and is likely a result of genetic engineering.

I want traditional light bulbs.
And natural cucumbers.
Screw the European Union.
online TreeFittyactivity 3345 Days Ago
Yes, the EU banned cucumbers that are not straight.

online demonactivity 3345 Days Ago
WTF indeed.

If they just could ban themselves some day.
online deadactivity 3345 Days Ago
The world now has a single world government which is the New World Order and your country (just like Britain) is now governed from Brussels. Don't you watch the news?
online demonactivity 3345 Days Ago
That's old news, I believe.

I watch the news daily, usually several times a day.
online deadactivity 3345 Days Ago
Well why are you bothering to ask the question then?
online demonactivity 3345 Days Ago
It was a rhetorical question.
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