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Smiley glitch

online demonposted 3501 Days Agoviews 2763 Viewscomments 5 Comments
I found a smiley glitch. The biggrin.gifq: smiley (: dg:) shows up as a big smile (biggrin.gif).
I don't think this is worth a new thread in "Website & Forum Problems & Discussion", so I mention it here instead. This will also be a contest for Psy and the admins... Will they see this entry or not?

If you are an admin and respond to this, you'll unlock the secret and unknown Vigilant achievement! salute.gif

online TreeFittyactivity 3501 Days Ago
you're just hoping for a blog comment achievement.
online demonactivity 3501 Days Ago
Of course I do, I see it as a challenge. But it's going to be tough challenge because I seriously suck at writing. unsure.gif

And at the same time I'm testing how vigilant the almighty admins are... biggrin.gif

online deadactivity 3501 Days Ago
Smiley face with insect legs for arms?
online demonactivity 3500 Days Ago
Huh? No, it's smiley #15 from the bottom in the Show All list. It's between fam (1).gif and foolish (7).gif .

online TreeFittyactivity 3500 Days Ago
aka colon+D or :D
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