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Many people have wondered where I...

online Tranqueposted 3084 Days Agoviews 481 Viewscomments 3 Comments
...enjoy eating lunch in NYC. Well I will tell you, I enjoy eating lunch at a place in chinatown called Hong Kong Station. It's an awesome noodle place which is delishus. You shall try it if you ever are a tourist. I demand it. The asian woman at the counter who knows broken english knows my order is beef stomach + curry squid + mushrooms + Udon Noodles, but if you are like my boyfriend and weirded out by delicious things, there are more normal orders.


Oh and since this is a blog I might as well mention, I've been colleging recently and I got a 3.71 GPA which isn't shitty as I had feared. Uh, so where do you guys eat out anyway? biggrin.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3084 Days Ago
The Taco Bell at Union Square, the Burger King at WTC, White Castle in Downtown Brooklyn, and sometimes other places if they are still open by the time I venture out for food.
online Tranqueactivity 3084 Days Ago
I love white castle biggrin.gif I order from the one by Queens Center Mall
online Psyactivity 3084 Days Ago
When I was in NYC Rockstar took us to some bbq rib place not far from the Empire State Building. Not sure what it's called, but one of you New Yorkers might smile.gif
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