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God Is Good

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No, I haven't turned away from the light of reality toward the light of ignorance. You know, the bright light that bugs and insects fly into and die instantly; not that one.

No, I bought the newest album by OM. Drag City sent my LP way earlier than the release date and the packaging is sweet. But ultimately, this is fucking great to listen to. As the album progresses the songs get shorter too, which really helps as I always find it hard to stay interested when listening to a whole OM album. It's hard to pick a favorite... but I will say Cremation Ghat I is most likely what Emil Amos will continue to add to the OM sound.

Also, this album adds tamboura and flute to the palette although I'm wondering how the duo will do this live. The last track really depends on the tamboura.

A1 - Thebes (19:08)
B1 - Meditation Is The Practice Of Death (6:51)
B2 - Cremation Ghat I (3:11)
B3 - Cremation Ghat II (4:58)

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