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Good news/bad news.

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This week has been an enormous topsy-turvy of good and bad.

As you may recall, I was going to quit my job on Sunday. So I went in after my shift and talked to my boss about my lack of hours, being used for cheap labor, and how I won't put up with it. So now, my boss respects me and gave me four days with much longer shifts, unlike last week's two days with two hour shifts (one of those, I was sent home early on.) I also passed a mystery caller yesterday, which is an EXTREMELY good thing. For one, my boss is TOTALLY happy about that since I failed the last one. Also, if I had failed this one, I would have been fired, which would have been fucking humiliating and infuriating seeing as I was going to quit the day before.

So I celebrated last night with a couple of fat, dank blunts and a couple equally-dank bowls. Needless to say, I was too fucked up to function. Don't underestimate the power of my blunts.

Here's where the bad begins. So after hanging out at my weed sanctuary, aka my friend's apartment, and watching an extremely gay movie (hilarious of course, since I was a pot zombie at the time) I left. As I'm walking home, I went to Wal-Mart. As you may have assumed, I had epic munchies. I bought a Ben and Jerry's THE BAR, an ice cream cookie sandwich, and a big carton of Dibs.
Uh oh.
I ate them all when I got home.
I threw up all fucking morning.

Here's where shit turns awful.

When I go to flush, I notice that something's wrong with the toilet. So I go to see wtf is up and wash my hands. Sink doesn't run. WTF? The damn water company turned our water off. We're fucked out of money, too. I don't have water for the forseeable future. Luckily the apartment of my aforementioned friend, let's call her Pam, is pretty much my home away from home (I'm there more than I am home) so I can get my needed showers and stuff there.

So that's fucking gay, right? At least I have an enormous nug of the stickiest, dankest weed I've had in quite some time.

More good news, I got called in to work tonight, which is a big thing. That means they know how useful I am, and I can get more hours. Shit's starting to turn around for me at work. Big time. The fact that they called me in before the people that have been there longer than I have means a lot to me.

Whatever. And needless to say I've quit on getting the blogging achievement. Missed Sunday's post. I don't care anymore. Just thought I'd vent here.
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venting is pretty much all this shit is good for.
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