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Blog #3: Explosion of glass and sound!

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Well, fuck it. I'm gonna keep smoking. It's too good. I'm not addicted, I just feel that this fucking job can bite me if they want to drug test. Weed has made me who I am, and I'm not going to stop just because I want a DIFFERENT shitty job. Might as well stay at my current one with all of my stoner friends and wait for a better opportunity.

In other news, something fucking crazy just happened. I was blasting Dissection in my room today, (blasting is an understatement) at the highest volume possible (great speakers ftw) and, well, let me back up a bit. I have mounted speakers, first off. One is above my bed, and one is above my CD/DVD/game bookshelf that also has my shot glass collection on the top. So my music is SO DAMN LOUD that my left speaker falls off and falls on top of my god damn shot glasses. I broke my SNL one I got in New York, god damn it. I am lucky, though, because it actually landed on five of them. They all scattered, and luckily, just the SNL one broke. It's just a chunk broken off, though, so I can probably fix it.

What the fuck is up with my essay-blog??? If you read it, thanks for reading. If not, I don't blame you. That was a pointless read. Laters dudes!
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