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yesterday was a GREAT day for gaming news!!

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the big news yesterday was the fact that fallout 3 DLC's will finally be coming out for the PS3... it was announced yesterday that broken steel will arrive the 24th of september, followed by both the pitt and operation anchorage the next week... and followed up by point lookout and mothership zeta the following week... all DLC's in a 3 week span... nice, i will FINALLY get the chance to continue the fallout legacy and log another 150+ hours out of this game... i got my money's worth out of this title about 3 times already... and now i'm looking at a 4th one in a month... god i love fallout 3...

aaaaaaaaand, i entered a raffle contest for a MAG private beta invite and GOT ONE!! talk about being on the right site, at the right time... 100 of them were handed out there for people that uploaded acceptable wallpapers yesterday and mine was accepted... but having an accepted wallpaper didn't guarantee my spot... it only guaranteed that i would be entered into the raffle... but, there was a catch as well... if they liked certain wallpapers uploaded, they would almost guarantee you a spot in the beta... i like to think my conker's bad fur day wallpaper was liked, lol... i'll get the chance to try it out next week...

man, it's not too often the internet blesses me with stuff like that... DLC release dates for my favorite game and an invite to a private beta test... i get to rub elbows with some of the industries elite next week... as well as with about 100,000 other beta invitees like myself... can't wait biggrin.gif...
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