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don't be hatin' on IV...

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how can you hate this?! was this not the most fun you've had in a sandbox before?! -------------------------------------------------------

i've gotten sick of reading comments and articles on other websites who continually bash rockstar games for giving us an unfinished game... unfinished in that there's barely any side quests or quirky places to visit... no car modding and poor choices for clothes...

did everyone forget that rockstar spent about 5 years developing their RAGE engine? did they forget that this game was started from scratch, and not an upgraded san andreas? this is an entirely new beast this game runs on... did you want GTAIV when it came out or would you of been willing to wait another year while they implement R3 missions? rockstar north spent a good portion of the time developing this game from the ground up, implementing new ideas that hadn't been seen in previous installments...

don't give me the saints row treatment either... saints row 2 was built from the exact same engine the first was built from... all they had to do was improve upon the ideas from the first one... how fucking hard is that?? wait until the next GTA drops and they make the same kind of improvements to the existing engine in a new environment, you'll be blown away...

after GTAIV was hailed a success (by critics and sales), they immediately turned their attention to the DLC's... and NOW we're seeing these old idea's implemented into the new RAGE engine... give it time, haters... you'll soon be playing a game that feels like san andreas in due time... give rockstar a chance to improve upon the foundation they poured last year... you can't just throw everything in there and hope it sticks... they're aren't building a shitty shack in the woods, they're building the next trump tower... book your reservations now...
online §ynchactivity 3509 Days Ago
Great post, bOnEs.
Totally agree, GTA:IV was EPIC as a first for the RAGE engine.
I'm sure all of us were were in or on ecstasy on first play.
That was an unforgettable time in our GTA life.
You make me want to play it again.
online TreeFittyactivity 3509 Days Ago
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3509 Days Ago
Right on, man, great posting. Glad you pointed those facts out. I was never bothered by ANYTHING in IV, but even as you reminded me just now, I still agree with you. It's still an epic game.

Good posting bOnEs sad.gif
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3509 Days Ago
Lol, that was supposed to be a smile.gif
online bOnEsactivity 3509 Days Ago
most of us here loved the game but, i see it all the time in IGN's comments and opinions across the web... they felt cheated with IV... not me, i still play it at least twice a week...
online RamzKillaactivity 3502 Days Ago
I play it everyday. rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
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