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The Ballad of Gay Tony Contest

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We are giving away copies of The Ballad of Gay Tony to 3 lucky members of GTAHQ.net.

Rules for entering the contest:

1. Signup to become a member. Already a member? No problem, just add the XBL Gamer Tag to your profile!
2. Make sure you add your XBL Tag to your profile. (Creating a full profile can't hurt)
3. Go to our forums and signup with the same name as your GTAHQ.net profile and make a post that identifies that you have completed those tasks.

That's it! We will decide the winners 3 days before the game comes out, and we will post the winners on the front page. We will purchase that points and award them to the winners. Good luck, and have fun!

If you have any questions or comments, please head over to this thread for any questions that you may have!

Source: GTA HQ
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