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smells and dream association and stuff

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downloaded some of the original eminem songs last night. him, blink 182, green day, red hot chili peppers. ah the memories. funny how certain things can click in your mind and take you back to someplace familiar. There have been times where i smelled a certain scent and i felt like i was in disney world again. how the hell i even remember what that place smells like is beyond me but when i smell it, it brings me back. another smell reminds me of being a kid, sitting in my room, playing with my toys. shit is crazy sometimes.

dreams can be especially crazy and fucked up. not just in random content, but when i dream something and it happens in real life later. even more so when i dream it exactly as it happens. scary. usually it all ends up sa metaphors but sometimes the people i see and what happens are what actually goes on.

i usually always just let my dreams play themselves out. i don't interfere (that's the fucking word i was looking for!). they usually go all over the place. the only time i do interfere is when it is turning into a nightmare. nothing really scary but one of those ones where you wake up quick, breathing hard.

nuff ranting for today. time for more music...
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