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glitch guide updated and such rants

online TreeFittyposted 3174 Days Agoviews 433 Viewscomments 0 Comments
rant. rant. rant. woke up late today. had nothing to do. finally got the glitch guide updated last night and split it into 2 guides - glitches and tricks - since one would have been quite long. kept finding more everytime i wanted to check out one. totally forgot the invisible glitch with packie's car bomb suicide. o well, can update later with others.

hoping psy makes a car guide. he's been posting car screenshots. would be nice and useful. could update my guide by linking to the vehicles i mentioned too. we'll see. i wish i had a (good) capture card. would record all kinds of things.

well, that's enough ranting for today. boobye.
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