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PS4 Social Club rewards without PS+ subscription

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For anyone that is like me and currently not paying for PS+, this is a quick overview/guide of how to take advantage of Social Club benefits without PS+ including returning player bonuses. If you are stuck alone in the PS4 version thinking you're dead to Sony for not paying for PS+ and don't know what to do, read on...

  • Still need internet access
  • Still need PSN and Social Club accounts (both are free, PS+ is optional)

What to do:
  • Get through PS4/PSN and GTAV setups
  • Get through first couple missions (complete Franklin & Lamar) - shouldn't *need* to do but might as well get them out of the way
  • On Social Club, go to linked accounts and re-validate PSN
  • After success, shortly after returning to gameplay in GTA V a text pop-up should welcome you to Los Santos and mention Social Club connectivity
  • You should now be able to upload Snapmatics and Social Club will begin to track your PS4 stats
  • DLC content up to the next-gen release is already included in the game (vehicles are on the streets) but weapons unlock with progress in the story
  • As for returning player content, they become available further into the story as well

You cannot use GTA Online at all including the Creator. Attempting to go online will prompt you with a screen wanting you to activate PS+. If you never used it before you can take advantage of a free 14-day trial.

Hope this helps some people out there.
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