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So I threw my chocolate milk at the bitch

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Because I always have trouble finding it (in the archived Asylum and chocolate is spelled wrong) here it is for all the world to see.

Topic 76316 by SKARFACE November 17th, 2006

Fucking School Bullshit

Ok, I was almost in a fight at school today...

During lunch, I went in the bathroom to take a piss. As I was coming out, This kid yelled at me, He's all like

"I Heard you said you were gonna kick my ass, Who the fuck you think you is nigga?"

I was like "WTF", I knew the kid a little bit, He has a twin brother, but I never said anything about him, So I asked him who said it, He told me, So I was like, Well lets go ask him if he really told you I said that. So I asked the kid who supposedly told him, He didn't know what the fuck we were talking about, So I said Fuck this, And sat back down to eat my lunch

All things were good for a minute...

Some kid at the lunch table next to mine, That I've never even talked to this whole school year, He starts cussing me out. I don't even know the fucking kid. Hes all like

" Your gonna get ya ass kicked motha fucka!!! Thas what chu git for talkin shit u need ta shut tha fuck up and quit runnin yo mouf fo' u git cha ass beat down motha fucka!!!"

Well that right there pissed me off, Someone i dont even know talking shit to me about some fuckin dumbass rumor over me supposedly saying something, Well i cussed him out, I never said fuck so many times in my life.

I was like , " Dont start fuckin wit me right now motha fucka im fuckin tryin to eat my motha fuckin lunch and u stupid fuckass mother fucker is gonna fuckin start some shit with me and u dont even fuckin know me so shut the fuck up u mother fuckin bitch ass mother fuckaer!!!"

So he has the fuckin nerve to tell me to shut the fuck up and dont talk shit to him or hell beat my ass blah blah, your typical high school student babblin some bullshit to try to act hard or whatever,

Well i told the dumb fuck, I was gonna talk as much shit as i fuckin wanted cuz i was mindin my ouwn goddamn mother fucking business until he came out of nowhere to talk shit to me like a stupid fuckass.

Well this girl at my table started cussin me out sayin shut the fuck up so i threw my chocalate milk at the bitch, she called me a mother fucker and smacked me in the face and walked away, Well well well

After lunch the dumb mother fuckers follow me to class talkin shit, sayin if i ignore them thell hit me in my face?? Well i ignored them and they didnt do shit!!!! I fuckin hate these dumb mother fuckers who start rumors and bullshit and all these wanna be gangstas tryin to be cool and act tough, fuckem all!!! I fuckin hate school and everything in it is a bunch of fuckin bullshit
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10/10 would fap.gif again
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