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Sometimes the details in RDR give me a laugh...

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I was playing Red Dead Redemption at my first aid building since I was on night crew (my night of the week to answer calls). An older lady in the squad was watching and asked if it was a game.

"Yep, it's Red Dead Redemption."
"What's that?" she asked.
"A cowboy game."
"Oh okay I thought it was a movie at first but then I realized you were controlling it!" she said with a laugh.
"Yep I control him," as I walked about and rotated the camera, squatted and then took out my rifle. "See?" I said as I shot a man off his horse at MacFarlane's Ranch. The woman gasped with a chuckle "Oh my!" as the horse ran away.

The woman's husband saw the shot and asked "What about the horse? Can you take out the horse?" Right as the woman began to tell her husband to stop in a humorous tone, I put the running horse in my sights and fired. With the detail Rockstar had put into the game, the horse flopped forward and rolled to the side after a shot to the head, in quite a comical manner for the situation.

The older woman covered here eyes and turned away, "awwww..." in a way that she wasn't really upset, it was just a "not nice" thing for me to do to a virtual animal. Her husband was laughing along with me as she poked him saying not to encourage such things, again in humor.

Gotta love details. Just felt like typing this somewhere since it gave me a laugh. tongue.gif
online Nanookactivity 3034 Days Ago
You're a cruel man ohmy.gif

online Psyactivity 2928 Days Ago
Haha that is awesome
online Nanookactivity 2910 Days Ago
Psy, you're a little slow to check updates!
online TreeFittyactivity 2910 Days Ago
Says the one who shows up once a year. sleep.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2910 Days Ago
and for some reason I forgot to type up the part where I skinned the dead horse, which caused the older woman and her husband to finally leave (they were on their way out anyway).
online Nanookactivity 2910 Days Ago
I'm a silent visitor tongue.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2910 Days Ago
Well stop being silent and get your gay ass over here.
online Nanookactivity 2910 Days Ago
What is this?!!?
online TreeFittyactivity 2910 Days Ago
online Psyactivity 2909 Days Ago
*kicks Nanook into a large pit*
online Nanookactivity 2904 Days Ago
Tad harsh?
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