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The corporate plot to destroy Thanksgiving

online TreeFittyposted 3163 Days Agoviews 1544 Viewscomments 0 Comments
Seriously, it seems no one gives a shit about Thanksgiving. Year after year it goes from Halloween to Christmas. Over a week ago the city put up Christmas decorations (about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving) and stores have been selling Christmas crap longer than that.

So like many retards, I thought of a conspiracy theory to link it all together. Halloween sells tons of candy, Christmas sells tons of presents. Thanksgiving doesn't sell much aside from food equivalent of a Christmas dinner. So the stores want to detroy this seemingly useless holiday inbetween two very profitable ones. Something like that.

While I'm here, some member bars I made:
Image Image Image Image

still got all those controller icons...... *sneers at Duff*
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