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Doo Wop (That Thing)

online TreeFittyposted 3004 Days Agoviews 710 Viewscomments 4 Comments
Song in the title is classic. Anyway, testingImagethis shit again with updated icons made in photoshop. So basically disregard any of this and go about your business (Image) before you get shot in the face by elephant jizz like cbc/CC/KK does daily.

Comparing beta with redo:

might as well show this while I'm here:

Almost 4 hours rendering in AutoCAD (granted I had it set to render a 1600x1200 pic) and then about an hour casually touching up and adding the text in Photoshop. My laptop must hate me sometimes.

online Psyactivity 3004 Days Ago
Awesome stuff biggrin.gif
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3003 Days Ago
Can I join now?
online TreeFittyactivity 3003 Days Ago
join what? you were at the ogry. might have been too high to remember.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3003 Days Ago
No, I think you took to much acid and confused me with Analog or something.
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