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BK trip to manhattan is always worth it

online TreeFittyposted 3157 Days Agoviews 554 Viewscomments 0 Comments
was a wonderful night to walk into manhattan and get some burger king. some good winds over the east river but all was well. man i love the double stacker. greasy goodness, heart attack on a bun, all good names for this burger. plus bk's fries dipped in bbq sauce, SO good....

when i got over to city hall some lady asked where the subway was. i pointed across the street where the subway entrance was lit up and said "right there". "oh! thank you!"

it surprises me how people get so easily lost here. queens gets confusing up by the triborough bridge, but manhattan is easy. then again the people are what make my walks interesting sometimes. especially the crazy ones.

well this should be #4. fucking sweet i got it. now i'll only use this when i feel like it. nuff spamming useless blogs. then again most blogs are useless anyway. o well.
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