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this what blog for right???

online TreeFittyposted 3210 Days Agoviews 492 Viewscomments 3 Comments
So i set an alarm for the release time this morning. went to bed about 5 hours before. Woke up at the time, said "fuck it" and went back to sleep. Then I came on around noon (EST fuck GMT) saw the site STILL HADN'T GONE UP. and as luck would have it, a few minutes of refreshing later it was up.

thus, i wet my pants in excitment. now i'm whoring achievments since apparently getting 8 was easy enough.

this site will be the best. Psy #1 homie peace love happiness.

online Psyactivity 3210 Days Ago
You set an alarm... I didn't even go to bed last night ohmy.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3210 Days Ago
well, you could have delayed the release just like R*. tongue.gif
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3209 Days Ago
Yeah I noticed it hadn't gone up either. I should have tried refreshing it instead of waiting 4 hours.
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