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FUCK! I missed yesterday's entry!

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Well there goes my chance for getting the acheivement, oh well. My friend bought us a half quarter and we just got baked. Anyway, today after school there was a fight going down at the local park, so as usual, everyone headed there. The teachers broke it up (not so much broke it up as fucking tanked the two kids). Afterwards there were two other fights scheduled, so we all headed to them, and I swear there must have been 300 fucking people! Just an army of kids, walking through the streets. You'd have thought we were at a march! Anyway, we stopped in a neighborhood for a bit to figure out where we were going. Then these two bitches came out and told us to get the fuck out of her neighborhood. So after determining there was two of them and 300 of us, we told them to go fuck themselves. Then they called the police. By the time they got there we had seperated into two different groups (One headed to the second fight, and we went to another one, because the kids brother came out and started shit). But they just fucking cornered us. 2 Cruisers from the front, one from a side street, and two from the back, but we said we seperated to go home, and said the other people were headed to the fight. After that we were going to the other fight, but then we (about 6 of us) started shit with those to fucking whores again, so after that the cops were looking for my buddies, so we dipped home. We got stopped a couple of times, but they were looking for kids with lip rings (they pulled theirs out so they couldn't tell).
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3176 Days Ago
I missed yesterday's post too. I lost interest.
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