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A much sexier blog entry

online Ex-PS Fanboyposted 3176 Days Agoviews 685 Viewscomments 1 Comments
So I attempted to shave my balls today, and HOLY FUCK! Is it natural to be this hairy? After nearly every stroke I had to clean the razer out, and somehow I wound up going through a whole bottle of shaving cream. Now i'm left with a mostly shaven crotch and still hairy ballsack.

Anyway, that guy blew off the deal, AGAIN. My buddy, (who is supposedly really close with him) says he'll probably give use a free deego today to compensate for taking so fucking long. Now apparently I have to wait another 3 days to get what I originally wanted. My friend Tom says I should threaten him, he's been waiting on this guy for a while as well. I don't know what to do right now. I'm not exactly the strongest kid on the face of the earth and apparently this guy is big. But Tom knows both of us well, so I doubt he'd tell me to start shit if I would end up getting my ass kicked.
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3176 Days Ago
Two words: Penis.
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