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My Day

online Ex-PS Fanboyposted 3479 Days Agoviews 978 Viewscomments 3 Comments
I had a rather odd day today. I was called on by a buddy asking me if I wanted to go with him and meet a friend of his. So we went to a park to meet her. So we meet with her, and there's this big ass group of people, from ages 15-40, a big ass black guy with dreads, a couple of kids my age, a biker looking guy, and a scruffy looking dude, and a few others. Then this guy got into a fight after about 3 seconds I was there, and then this chick started smoking crack behind some wall, and I was like wtf? The whole ordeal confused the shit outta me. After a few minutes we walked her home, and when we got there there was this other chick who lived there who had to leave for some reason, and then again I was like wtf? Then these people came over, and started talking about this bitch they were going to kick the shit outta for reasons unknown. And again I was like wtf? It was pretty confusing, and I met a lot of strange people... But whatever, It was a nice change from my normal routine.
online Massacreactivity 3479 Days Ago
That sounds like a good fucking day. Ditch your current friends, and hang out with those people from now on.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3479 Days Ago
I kinda laughed, the big black guy started making fun of the crackhead.

online punxtractivity 3477 Days Ago
I've experienced worse. It's unbelievable... I'll tell you in my next blog for sure.
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