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Well I took your advice....

online Ex-PS Fanboyposted 2986 Days Agoviews 715 Viewscomments 3 Comments
And I got stoned one last time. I bought a brand new gas mask. It reminded me so very much of massacre, So I think that's what I'll name it. I'll put up a few pics in the Weed topic. But anyway, I'm going to stop for a week, I need to anyway. Then after I'm recovered I'm going out with it and getting fucked. I'm getting some morphine shots and a shit load of perks afterwards anyway, so hopefully that will keep me stoned. If not, I could maybe make a quick buck off em...
online ViceManactivity 2986 Days Ago
Fucking druggies. Still, it's better than liking Armoured Core... laugh.gif


online DiOactivity 2985 Days Ago
Friend of mine is stopping smoking for one month to lower his tolerance and clear his lungs.
online deadactivity 2985 Days Ago
I'm getting an e-cigarette.
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