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It's suddenly dawned on me

online DuffManposted 3179 Days Agoviews 528 Viewscomments 1 Comments
So it's 09/09/09, and it's just dawned on me that I've spent the past five and a bit years on the site. I dunno how many of those I've been staff for - 3 1/2 or maybe 4. But five years is a fucking long time.

GTA-SanAndreas.com was the first forum I ever joined on the internet so it's always been sort of special. But it's weird to think that when I joined, I hadn't even started my GCSEs. Now though, I've done those, done my A-levels, I'm now at university and, despite how much my life has changed, I still enjoy this place as much as ever.

Here's to another five years I guess? Hopefully GTA will still be around then.
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3178 Days Ago
It must feel crazy. This forum is the longest I've ever been on a forum. A year an a half? You must have been what, 14 when you joined? That's insane! I didn't even know about web forums then LOL. Pretty cool though, man, you're a good staff member. Here's to another five! biggrin.gif
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