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What a shit day

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Uni started again today. What a shitty day.

I was originally looking forward to starting again. I was starting to get bored of the holidays and wanted to get back into the swing of things. But of course, things can never just go 'right'.

Started the day by leaving really early. I don't mind early starts - I start work at 5am at least two mornings every week so it isn't an issue. The timetable said to be in the room for 9am, but because there had been particularly bad traffic even during quieter times in the day, I left around quarter to 8 to make sure I got there on time. Most mornings it takes me about 40 minutes to get to uni. Today, for some reason, despite it being rush hour and with all the schoolkids back in school, it only took me 20 minutes, so I had a bloody hour to kill with absolutely nothing to do. So yeah, not a brilliant start.

All of the lectures were ridiculously boring, and bearing in mind I'm a student radiographer, the last lecture (which lasted two hours) on what bits and bytes are and how colour balance makes you a good photographer really pissed me off. I couldn't believe a word when the guy taking the session said a DVD held 3GB of data, but either way, it was so fucking boring.

I finally got the exam results I've been waiting six weeks for today, and yes I passed by miles, but it's funny how they've had the results ready for about three weeks now but only just been arsed to give them to us. All they had to do is upload an Excel spreadsheet with a table of numbers on it, and it took 3 weeks. What's up with that?

When we finally got out at fucking quarter to five, it took me half an hour just to get out of the town my university is based in, and then after a 15 minute stint with barely any traffic, it took another 30 minutes to get through the last two miles. And if I hadn't been a bastard and used a hospital as a bypass, it would have taken a lot longer than that.

Fuck knows what they're doing on the roads at the moment round here but the traffic is constantly bad. There are a lot of roadworks but nothing that should be causing tailbacks on every single major road. Things probably wouldn't be so bad if they could manage traffic lights properly so they don't filter through about two cars at a fucking time, but will these cunts learn? Fuck no, of course they won't. They turned some of the pointless lights off a few days ago which, firstly, begs the question, what was the fucking point in them in the first place? And two, why does it take so long for professional 'traffic management' companies to do their jobs properly? Utter wankers.

So now I'm sitting here with a couple of drinks and bitching about my problems with the British road network to the internet on a GTA website.

And this is just the first day, and I have to do it three times a week for the next five weeks, on top of my early starts at work. God, for fuck sake, give me strength...
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