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Mailbag - Week 10

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Time once again for my weekly mailbag column. I haven't gotten any questons directly this week, so I'll put forth my opinions on questions I've seen in other mailbag columns.

jakenelliot wants to know "I have Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster. Which 2 do I start?"

No brainer here. Peterson is the best back in football, and Gore has a great matchup this week against the Rams. It also goes without saying that the Texans seem to like playing from behind, so they are going to air it out early and often, which leaves Foster not getting many carries. Go with Gore and Peterson.

talberts asks "Which QB do I start this week - Jay Cutler or Ryan Fitzpatrick?"

Good question. After Cutler's week last week against the Bills, people are starting to ask if he can be an every week fantasy QB. I'm not one of them. Cutler may have had a decent week, but you never know if the good or bad version is going to show up.

Fitzpatrick didn't look the greatest last week, but this week he's got a good matchup against a Lions defense that doesn't play very well on the road. I'd start Fitz in this situation, but you may want to check your waiver wire to see if there's anything better out there.

fillyfantasyfanatic5 asks "Which RB should I start - Knowshon Moreno or Thomas Jones? Also, which WR should I start - Chad Ochocinco, Jabar Gaffney, Michael Crabtree, or Nate Washington?"

We'll start with the RB question. Denver is playing at home against KC, but their offensive line is really bad. Add to that fact that KC's defense is pretty solid up front, and you've got bad news spelled out for you if your name is Moreno. On the other side, Thomas Jones is a good back, but Jamaal Charles is the man in KC. If these are your only options, I'd start Jones.

As far as your WR question, the only one of the bunch I can honestly recommend is Crabtree. The 2nd year wideout is having an ok season, but he's due to break out. And this week against the Rams seems like the right week to do it.

hondatech79 asks "I have Miles Austin in 4 of my Fantasy teams. Do I dare start him even over Lee Evans or Mike Williams (Tampa)?"

The short answer here is no. The Cowboys are horrible this year, and the loss of Tony Romo has really hurt Austin's value (although he wasn't doing much before Romo got hurt). Out of the three WRs you listed, the only one I'd start right now is Williams - the kid is on pace for 1,100+ yards and double-digit TDs. Heck - I picked him up on the waiver wire in my own league and I'm starting him ahead of Terrell Owens, Jacob Tamme, Vernon Davis, and Davon Bess.

Well, that's all for this week's mailbag. As always, questions can be sent to fflipps@yahoo.com.

Take care, and thanks for reading.
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