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I know the mailbag portion of this blog isn't supposed to come out until Thursday morning, but I can't wait. I've seen and gotten some questions, and I've had a major development in my own league. I'll start with the development, and then get into the question and answer section.

The Development
I've pulled off a trade that lands me a new quarterback. I've traded Roddy White for Ben Roethlisberger. This is a major upgrade at QB as I only had Matt Cassell and Sam Bradford before. Now I can drop Cassell (I like Bradford's schedule and chances to generate points down the stretch more than Cassell's) and add another wideout to compliment my current stable of Calvin Johnson, TO, Jacoby Jones, Davonne Bess and Vernon Davis. I have Roy Williams on my roster, but Dallas is such a mess that I'm gonna drop him too.

Anyhow, getting Roethlisberger is a huge upgrade. The fantasy playoffs are weeks 14-16, and he's got some great matchups in that time (vs. Cinci, vs. New York Jets, vs. Carolina). All of the games are at home, where he's better than he is on the road, and 2 of the 3 teams are horrible against opposing passers. This is just what I needed!

And now for your mail.

Alexrose61 asks "I need to chose a QB between Drew Brees and Michael Vick. Brees has the better matchup, but Vick was on fire before the injury, and now he's coming back from that injury. Which one do I start?"

Tough one to answer here. You obviously spent quite a high draft pick on Brees (he was the 2nd QB taken in our draft, and 2nd QB taken in the 1st round of our draft), so it's hard to bench him. He's coming off a game where he wasn't spectacular, but he made some plays against a superb Steeler defense, and he showed that his letdown against Cleveland was an aberration and not the norm.

Vick, on the other hand, hasn't played since early in the season, and he's coming off an injury. And you have to wonder if Andy Reid at some point is going to flip-flop again and state that Kevin Kolb is going to be the starter. I'd hate to have Vick in my lineup only to have Reid give the reins to someone else at the last minute.

My advice here is to start Brees ahead of Vick. While Philadelphia is playing at home and New Orleans is on the road, Philly gets to play Indianapolis and New Orleans gets Carolina. Indy is better in the secondary than Carolina, and with Vick coming off an injury I'm not sure how effective a passer or runner he'll be. Go with the guy who has won it all before - I can see him putting up a better stat line this week than last week.

nofumbleshere asks "I need to start 2 of the following running backs: Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Michael Turner, or Marshawn Lynch. Who do I start?"

This is actually a lot easier to answer than you'd think. Turner is a no-brainer, as he's going to be motivated to keep his team in 1st place over Tampa Bay, and I wouldn't trust Lynch with that offensive line going against the Giants this week. So this boils down to Foster or Rice for the second starter.

Foster's numbers last week against Indy weren't that great, but that's what happens when you are playing from behind the whole game. Houston got behind by a lot early, and had to pass to catch up. Foster is playing on the road again, this time against an aggressive Philly defense that is stopping the run like mad this year.

Ray Rice, on the other hand, is playing at home against an equally aggressive Miami defensive front. But because he's at home and the Ravens are in the thick of the AFC North race, I've gotta give this one to Rice. Start him alongside Turner this week.

cditzler wants to know "What on earth should we do with Randy Moss? Will he have any type of value with anybody the rest of the season? Should I keep him, trade him, or drop him in favor of somebody on my waiver wire?"

The release of Randy Moss by Minnesota earlier this week did indeed send shockwaves throughout fantasy land as well as in the real world. And this is a valid question because he doesn't have a team right now. Which makes this difficult to answer.

You can't trade him right now, mainly because he has no trade value. Who wants to trade for a guy that isn't even on a team? But you also can't drop him because there are quite a few teams that have expressed interest in him. While that doesn't translate into him getting picked up by anyone, you don't want to run the risk of losing him and getting nothing in return.

I'd say to keep Moss on your roster for at least the next 2 weeks. If he doesn't find a home by Week 11, you are free to let him go.

UPDATE: For those who haven't seen it yet, Randy Moss has been claimed off of waivers by the Tennessee Titans. This pairs him with the former Raiders QB Kerry Collins, and gives him a shot to actually play a vital role on a team. With Kenny Britt hurt and out for an as of yet undetermined amount of time, this may be Moss's time to shine. We'll see how this move impacts his value, and what you should do with him. As the trade deadline in your league may be approaching, you may find you can't trade him. I still say stick with him, at least until after the bye week. If he isn't productive in his first week back, drop him like yesterday's garbage.

arainone asks "I've been going back and forth between Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan at quarterback all season, and it seems that every week one or the other is a disappointment. I grabbed Ryan Fitzpatrick off the waiver wire and am debating which of the three I should start."

Good question. Fitzpatrick has been putting up solid numbers since he got the starting nod, and he's turning into a decent fantasy quarterback. However, he's going up against Chicago this week, and I see his streak of decent games coming to an end.

Matt Schaub has been fairly consistent this season, except for last week when he just couldn't get anything going against Indy. And this week he faces a tough test in Philadelphia, where the crowd noise can get inside a QB's head and make him do some bad things.

Matt Ryan gets the benefit of playing at home, against a division opponent who is tied for first with his Falcons. Tampa Bay's secondary isn't bad - Aqib Talib is an up and coming corner, and Ronde Barber has made 5 pro bowls for a reason. However, there are leaks there, and I think Ryan can exploit them. Start Matt Ryan this week.

Well, that's all the questions I got, so that's all I can answer. If I get more, I'll answer more. fflipps@yahoo.com for all questions!

Take care, and thanks for reading!
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