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Cherry Popping

online Heartlessposted 3194 Days Agoviews 779 Viewscomments 3 Comments
Who-wee, a fucking cherry blast. It always hurts the first time, right? Better go do some fucking heroin and forget I was here.

So I was in a public restroom at the mall yesterday.
I saw a guy's feet in a stall when I walked in, and there was a very stinky smell so I am assuming he was taking a major dump. So I got real quiet for a little bit and let everything settle down, you could hear a faint grunting sound and the ever so slightly 'kerplunk' of a turd dropping from the anus. Other that this guys shit, you could hear a pin drop.

Then I let out this war cry as loud as possible and threw myself against his stall door as hard as I could causing a loud bang. I bet that guy hasn't been that scared in his life because he yelled in a very surprised fashion and said "WHAT THE FUCK!" really loud and stand up, I could hear him fumbling with his pants because his belt buckle was making noise.

I was long gone befire he made it out of the stall though.
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3193 Days Ago
Fucking awesome. I like to pretend to cry and/or throw my wet paper towels over the stall at them when that happens.
online DuPz0ractivity 3193 Days Ago
HAHA classic! I bet he literally shit himself. XD.png
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3192 Days Ago
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