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The Wrestler

online Heartlessposted 3152 Days Agoviews 744 Viewscomments 2 Comments
I just finished watching the Wrestler, and I found something eerily reflected in the character towards my own life. How low can one go? To what depths can one fall? Watching this movie, I felt that my life would honestly end up just like Ram Jams - a has-ben, cursed by his passion, to being a victim of poor health living in a trailer home. They say these are just movies, but who are they, exactly? And why do I feel with each step I take I move closer and closer to absolute, abject failure? Nothing comforts me anymore, and while that statement doesn't exactly strike me as new, it does ring with a certain resonance, that it just doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to fail, at everything, and I don't care. I just can't bring myself to give a shit about anything at all.
online DiOactivity 3152 Days Ago
That was a great movie.
online bOnEsactivity 3152 Days Ago
come one man, you won't fail as bad a piefail laugh.gif... but seriously, that movie was deep man... it asks a lot of personal questions when watching it... it touches so many levels, it's eerie...
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