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rhetorical ramblez no. 2

online Mattayposted 3196 Days Agoviews 536 Viewscomments 1 Comments
How in the hell is there an H at the beginning of the word rhetorical? That makes about as much sense as putting the number 7 between the c and the u of cucumber... it's just unnecessary.

well! it's your old pal mattay here again. writing to...basically himself. but hey that doesn't mean some poor old fellow won't stumble upon this blog and let it add some laughter (or concern) to his day.

I could use a cut of cope right about now. i think i'll throw one in. you know, i never did see the whole movie Gladiator. I've only seen bits and pieces. It's sitting right on the bookshelf to my left but it's a VHS tape and only nubz watch videos on...videos. and i pwn them nubz so imma get dat shit on a digital video disc and own house. no wait, even better. I'll pay the extra fifteen bucks and get it on hi def blue ray.

that reminds me. last year i bought no country for old men on blue ray. when i had the ps3 to play it, i didn't own an hd television. which makes as much sense as the spelling of 'rhetorical.' but n-e-wayz this dvd was like twenty five bones. where the original was like what... fifteen. well in my defense wal-mart was out of the original copies and only had the blu-ray ones. man, that guy was fucked up...that fellow with the maniacal haircut.

now i gotta go all housewife and balance my checkbook like the frugle money-budgeting bitch i am.
online DuPz0ractivity 3196 Days Ago
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