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the purpose of life is...

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i'm sitting here, the chair behind my computer desk, and i am experiencing blog writer's block. is the word experiencing spelled right? I don't know why, it just doesn't look like it's spelled right.

i don't really know what im going to write about this evening. but, i promise you it'll be something. something with letters on the page that construct readable words. if those words fit into a sequence that the reader finds interesting then i've really scored.

I saw Jennifer's body last week. Megan fox is a doll and I would certainly risk being eaten alive to have a go at that gal but man...she was really somethin else. i won't spoil the movie for you youngin's but it's worth spending the eight bucks. or however much it is for you city slickers.

you guys ever listen to that really old country music? I like them Carter Family tunes. That funky slide guitar. everybody gotta love dem delta blues. come on boy. you know you never go out after dark round these pahts, go down to them crossroads and talk to that man in black. turn ya into the best blues player this side a mississippi.

i love them old delta blues.

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