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Zero Tolerance

online DiOposted 3190 Days Agoviews 1053 Viewscomments 1 Comments
So I had a project for college to do. 2 weeks role by and I don't touch it. Procrastination ftw. So I finished it the night before it was due. My friend just gets a car and says he can give me a ride. I forget to mention that I HAVE to be there on tiEm cause if I am a minute late my project iS late. If my project is late, I get a mark of 0%. Fuck eh? They call it their zero tolerance policy. So my friend comes a little late cause he didn't know it was important to be on time. Like an idoit I didn't mention it the day before. He drove very quickly but traffic was really bad. I got in at 8:02. It was due at 8. I was sprinting along the school along with a classmate who also got zero. It was worth 5% or my overall mark. So it kinda sucks.

Don't procrastinate and make sure you get to places on tiEm.

online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3184 Days Ago
Motherfucker, I'd fucking fuck the fucking fucker fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bino.gif
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