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Cut myself

online DiOposted 3331 Days Agoviews 906 Viewscomments 1 Comments
So I am doing a linocut for school. It just were you cut out an image in a rubber block and ink it up and print it. Just like a stamp. I started inking mine with my fingers to make it look like finger prints. It worked pretty good. I was trimming down some of the side when I accidentally cut myself. Seeing the blood on my finger and the fingerprints gave me a good idea. So my image I am doing is the skull of the black label society logo. I decided it would be cool to have a fingerprint of blood in the eye. When I thought of that my cut stopped bleeding and it didnt bleed much at all. So I cut myself.....lol.
online ViceManactivity 3326 Days Ago
Fucking emos. dry.gif
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