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2006 MySpace Ranting

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God... I was awesome back in the day... Oh wait, I still am smile.gif

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Psy
Date: Aug 4, 2006 9:29 AM

Right, I've been meaning to do this for bloody ages, but I haven't had the time. You're obviously reading this because you actually care what's pissing me off, and you want to hear my completely over the top and exceptionally offensive, politically incorrect rantings. This will offend some people / ethnic minorities / religions so if you don't like it, stick your head in a noose and jump off the roof.

Scene Kids.

I fucking hate scene kids. They're a bunch of gay shit eaters. Seriously, get a fucking life. I remember about 6 or 7 years ago when people dressed up all 'goth-like' (well, wearing hoodies and baggy jeans with chains and stuff) and it was making yourself different to the majority. Now fucking everyone is doing it, so what's the fucking point in that? Be yourself, not a fucking sheep following the other retarded fuckheads. Stupid gay hair that is going to make you look like a right laughing stock in 10 years time, ridiculous tight jeans that make you look like an anorexic cockless faggot, not to mention these absolute twats getting tattoo's all of the way up their arms and on their necks and everything. Sure, it might be the 'in thing' now, but what an absolute tart you're gonna look like in 30 years time when you have kids or 50 years time when you have grand kids with stupid stars and slipknot logo's on your arms. Hopefully you'll die young and save yourself the embarrassment of having to go through all of that.


As temping as it was to write "cock" before that, I shall restrain myself. Anyway, I fucking hate people who smoke. What's the point? For a start it fucking stinks, for seconds it makes your teeth go fucking yellow. For thirds it's fucking disgusting. Why the shitting assfuck would you want to inhale toxic fumes? The only positive that comes out of smoking is it gives you cancer, so you stupid cunts who do it will suffer in the future. Serves you fucking right you bloody twats.


Surprisingly this section won't be very long. Everyone knows what charvs are like, and we've all come to expect them to be the scum of the earth. If anyone reading this is a charv, I hope you die in a house fire, you piece of inbred shit. I had to give them a mention because although they don't piss me off as much as stupid scene fags, I'd still like to take a knife to all of their throats.

MySpace Losers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm on here quite a bit so what I'm about to write here is a bit hypocritical, but so fuck, shut up you wankers. I hate the fucking tards on MySpace who add like everyone to their list and never bother speaking to them. "OMG LUK AT ME I HAEV 8000 FRENDS I R SO KEWL LOLOL!!!". What's the fucking point in that? You think people think more of you because you have a long number next to your fucking friends section? Nah, they think you're sad and that you need to go outside a bit. I mean if you actually spoke to them it wouldn't be as bad, but no... It's just add, add, add. In fact I'm gonna look through my list and see how many people have added me and not messaged me, or commented me or anything and they're going to go bye bye... Fuck that. I only want 'friends' in my friends section, not a bunch of sad loners.

MySpace Pic Whores.

Along with the losers usually comes some stupid pic whore slags who do nothing but take stupid pics of themselves in various poses, and with stupid pouting which actually either mates you look like you have Parkinsons disease, or that you're trying to impersonate a mentally challenged fish. Either way it's not attractive. Sure, take some pics so people can see what you look like, but please cut out the fucking 'angles'. I saw come chicks profile the other day that had twelve. Yes twelve photos of her in different clothes, and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE was from the exact same angle! Whyyyyyyyy! It's fucking bent. This section also includes those douchebags who post bulletins every 20 seconds saying "omg comment on my nu pix". Fuck off. In fact now I need a new rant section...

MySpace Bulletin Cockends.

This goes out to all of you people who post a new bulletin every time you have a new pic. No one cares. Seriously. Well to be fair, new pics are cool in small doses, but for the love of satan please stop fucking asking people to comment your new pics. What difference does it make? Makes you feel better about yourself doesn't it? When you spend all of that time taking the perfect pic from just the right angle so no one can see all of your fat hanging out. It's fucking sad. As are all of the people who post bulletins telling people they're bored and that no one loves them, so comment them and it'll make them feel better. Here's an idea you emo wanna-be's. If you're that bored, and if no one loves you, go fucking slit your wrists. I suggest at least a depth of about an inch, just to make sure you hit the main arteries though. Last but not least I hate fucking stupid chain letters, but I believe I've covered this in previous bulletin rants. STOP POSTING GAMES SAYING YOU'LL DIE IF YOU DON'T REPOST THIS IN 2 MINUTES! I've never fucking posted one of them, and my mum is still alive. No little girls have appeared on my roof with a knife at midnight. My MySpace account hasn't been deleted... For fucks sake, are you seriously that fucking stupid... Ah god, you know what? You fucking are. This rant isn't going to make any difference really. Apart from the fact that I'll know who to delete when they post them!

Well I think that's just about covered everything for now. Fear not though you diseased scrotums, I shall be back with more ranting goodness soon! Any comments on my ranting ways will be appreciated, but if they are not complimentary then expect a rant right back at you.

© Copyright Simon 'Psy' Elliott, 2006. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs Released.
online TreeFittyactivity 3068 Days Ago
Sounds like one of those days. laugh.gif
online Psyactivity 3068 Days Ago
I do feel that the use of the word "fucking" after every second word was definitely the way to get my point across.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3067 Days Ago
Very True about the myspace thing... I remember once my sister took 87 photos of herself, just to get the right one... Yes, she is pretty much everything you said about myspace, well facebook.

And I don't know what a Charv is
online demonactivity 3067 Days Ago
I enjoyed your rant. What is "charv"?
online Psyactivity 3067 Days Ago
It's a UK thing. They're basically scum who get pregnant at 13 and smoke and get drunk in public, while swearing at everyone and fighting. Plus the occasional stabbing.
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